We offer the most competitively priced services in engineering design, analysis, manufacturing, and global sourcing, including FEA, CFD, CAD, Moldflow, testing, tooling, and more.

Our Services

FEAmax LLC provides low-cost, reliable and professional engineering design, analysis and manufacturing services. Our service includes but not limited to the following:

FEAmax Manufacturing and Global Sourcing Excellence

Our Capabilities

FEA Simulation

FEAmax FEA Simulation Banner - Advanced Engineering Solutions

Linear/Nonlinear Analysis

Static Stress Analysis

Buckling Analysis

Dynamic Impact, Drop Test

Thermal Analysis

Modal Analysis

Fracture/Fatigue Analysis


Multiphysics Analysis

Random Vibration / Seismic

Design/Shape Optimization

Harmonic Analysis

Electromagnetics Analysis.

Forming Analysis


CFD Simulation

FEAmax CFD Simulation Banner - Fluid Dynamics Excellence

Steady Flow Analysis

Mass Transfer CFD simulation

Free Surface Flow and Cavitation

Chemical Reaction, Combustion

Multiphase Flow / Particle Track

Newtonian/Non-Newtonian Flow Analysis

Heat Transfers

Multiple Streams

Laminar/Turbulent Analysis

Transient Flow analysis

Dynamic Cell Addition/Deletion

Acoustics / Liquid / Gas

Motion and Multiphysics

Rotating Machinery


Moldflow Simulation

FEAmax Moldflow Analysis Banner - Optimizing Plastic Design

Injection Molding

Multi-Component Molding

Gas-Assisted Injection Mold

Injection Gate Optimization

Flow / Pack Analysis

Hot Runner Optimization

Warpage Analysis

Cooling Analysis / Design

Multi-Shot, Insert, Over Molding



FEAmax CAD and CAE Services Banner - Engineering Design and Analysis

2D drawing and 3D modeling

Design to CAD modeling

File Format conversion

Rendering / Animation.

Tolerance Analysis

Reverse Engineering

Product Design

Tooling/mold Design

Civil & Architecture Design/Drafting


Manufacturing & Global Sourcing

FEAmax Manufacturing and Global Sourcing Banner - Streamlined Production Solutions

FEAmax maintains enduring relationships with over 25 material suppliers and metal/plastic manufacturers in Asia and the USA. This enables us to deliver our clients the most cost-effective design, testing, manufacturing and global sourcing services:

  • Material and Product Test & Analysis.
  • 3D Scanning, 3D Printing, Reverse Engineering
  • Tooling Design / Mold Making
  • Prototyping and Test
  • Metal or Plastic Products Sourcing from Asia
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