Case show of CAD projects

redesign of parking lot

Parking Building

Redesign and create 3D model and 2D drawings for a parking building from concept and sketches.

3D model of building and rendering

Building Rendering

Design a 3-story condo building and rendering. Provide 2d layouts and 3D modeling.

Residential Building Floor Plan by FEAmax

Floor Plan

Design and create 2D drawing site plan, floor plan and rendering for a 14 stories residential building.

rendering of multiple tall buildings

Rendering of Buildings

Design multiple tall buildings, create site plan, make rendering and other drawings for city approval.

3D model of medical plastic part

Plastic Part

Create 3D models for different medical plastic parts, and then make 3D printing prototypes.

window related pieces

Windows Related Parts

Design, create 3D models of windows related parts, and then make all parts from our factory.

3D model of Neurovascular stent

Neurovascular Stent

Design and create 3D models of Neurovascular stent and then run analysis to verify the design.

3D model of egg holder

Egg Holder

Redesign and create 3D models of one egg holder from the concept sketches and drawings.

3D model of cigarette bottle

Cigarette Bottle

Create 3D models for different designs of the cigarette bottles, and then 3D printing to make prototypes.

samples of metal valve

Modeling of Valves

Create 2D drawing files and 3D modeling files from the actual sample of valves for demo on website.

3D model of tooth brush

Tooth Brush

Design and create 2D drawings & 3D models of tooth brush from concept, make 3D printing prototypes.

3D model of a container

3D Modeling of Container

Design and create 3D model from 2D sketches and then make prototypes with 3D printing technology.

3D modeling of vane part

3D Scanning and Modeling

3D scanning on existing vane parts, and then create 3D models for the final production.

3D model of safety mat

Safety Mat

Design and create 3D models for different sizes of safety mat. Run analysis to optimize the design.

3D model of medical devices

Medical Devices

Design and create 2D/3D printing for multiple medical devices. Optimize the design with tolerance analysis.

3D model of water spray

Sprayer and Water Tank

Modify the current design of the sprayer and the water tank, and them make the products.

3D modeling from 3D scanning

3D Scanning and Modeling

3D scanning on multiple existing parts to obtain STL files, and then create 3D models for final manufacturing.

3D modeling on magazines

Modeling on Magazine

3D scanning and then modeling on couple of magazine parts, include redesign and optimization.

hook model from strong forge

3D Modeling of Hook

3D scanning on the actual hook product to obtain STL file, create 3D model and redesign the part.

3D model of pipe lines

Pipe Lines

Redesign and create the 3D models for the pipe line structure. Optimize the whole assembly model.

file type convert from PDF to DWG

Convert from PDF to DWG

Recreate and convert the file type from the given 2D PDF format file to the 2D DWG format file.

drainage assembly model

Drainage Assembly

Design and create 2D drawing and 3D model for drainage assembly, and then make all the parts.

3D model of box structure

3D Modeling

Create 3D model and 2D drawing from sketches and hand drawings, determine tolerance and material.

modeling of corner protection

Corner Protection

Create 2D drawings and 3D models of the corner protection part with dimension and material information.

mechanical shop drawings

Mechanical Shop Drawing

Create mechanical plans and shop drawings for multiple levels of buildings and structures.

3D modeling on multiple machine parts

Machining Parts

Create 3D model for multiple machining parts and, measure the properties for each part.

3D model of mouth piece

Mouse Piece

3D scanning on an sample to obtain STL file, design and create new model, 3D printing and make the product.

plastic inserts

Plastic Inserts

Design and Create 3D model of plastic insert part, and then make the part with injection mold.

3D model and 3D printing of water bottle

Water Bottle Design

Design and create 3D models of water bottle assembly, 3D printing prototype and manufacturing with blow mold.

3D modeling and rendering of medical bag

Medical Bag

3D design, modeling and rendering of a medical bag product for commercial demo and ads.

backrest part of motocycle

Backrest of Motorcycle

Design, analysis and manufacture the backrest assembly for motorcycle from concept to production.

2D architecture design of building

Layout of Construction

Design and create 2D drawings of layout for construction building and surrounding parking lots.

3D modeling of tray and lid

Tray and Lid

Design and create 3D models of tray and lid , and then make the actual part with injection molds.

3D modeling of shopping cart

Shopping Cart

Design and Create the 3D model of shopping cart with CAD software from concept and hand drawings.

create 2D drawings from 3D machining parts

Machining Parts

Create 2D drawings for each component from the 3D files of machining assembly.

3D modeling of pet bed

Modeling of Pet Bed

Design and create 2D drawings and 3D models of the pet bed from different concepts and ideas.

3D model of clamping head

Clamping Head

Design and create 3D solid model with Solidworks on a clamping head model from 2D DWG drawings.

3D modeling of box

3D Box Model

Create a 3D solid model using Solidworks from a simple 2D hand drawing sketch file.

3D modeling of laser mounting part

Laser Mounting Part

Design and 3D modeling of a laser mounting part from concept, sketches and some actual samples.

3D file type convert from STL to STP

File Type Convert

Convert many 3D printing STL format files into the 3D solid model STP format with Solidworks.

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