We offer the most competitively priced services in engineering design, analysis, manufacturing, and global sourcing, including FEA, CFD, CAD, Moldflow, testing, tooling, and more.

Our capability includes but not limited to the followings:

FEA Simulation

FEAmax FEA Simulation Banner - Advanced Engineering Solutions

Linear/Nonlinear Analysis

Static Stress Analysis

Buckling Analysis

Dynamic Impact, Drop Test

Thermal Analysis

Modal Analysis

Fracture/Fatigue Analysis


Multiphysics Analysis

Random Vibration / Seismic

Design/Shape Optimization

Harmonic Analysis

Electromagnetics Analysis.

Forming Analysis


CFD Simulation

FEAmax CFD Simulation Banner - Fluid Dynamics Excellence

Steady Flow Analysis

Mass Transfer CFD simulation

Free Surface Flow and Cavitation

Chemical Reaction, Combustion

Multiphase Flow / Particle Track

Newtonian/Non-Newtonian Flow Analysis

Heat Transfers

Multiple Streams

Laminar/Turbulent Analysis

Transient Flow analysis

Dynamic Cell Addition/Deletion

Acoustics / Liquid / Gas

Motion and Multiphysics

Rotating Machinery


Moldflow Simulation

FEAmax Moldflow Analysis Banner - Optimizing Plastic Design

Injection Molding

Multi-Component Molding

Gas-Assisted Injection Mold

Injection Gate Optimization

Flow / Pack Analysis

Hot Runner Optimization

Warpage Analysis

Cooling Analysis / Design

Multi-Shot, Insert, Over Molding



FEAmax CAD and CAE Services Banner - Engineering Design and Analysis

2D drawing and 3D modeling

Design to CAD modeling

File Format conversion

Rendering / Animation.

Tolerance Analysis

Reverse Engineering

Product Design

Tooling/mold Design

Civil & Architecture Design/Drafting


Manufacturing & Global Sourcing

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FEAmax maintains enduring relationships with over 25 material suppliers and metal/plastic manufacturers in Asia and the USA. This enables us to deliver our clients the most cost-effective design, testing, manufacturing and global sourcing services:

  • Material and Product Test & Analysis.
  • 3D Scanning, 3D Printing, Reverse Engineering
  • Tooling Design / Mold Making
  • Prototyping and Test
  • Metal or Plastic Products Sourcing from Asia


Have any questions? As an engineering consulting firm, we’re always eager to discuss your business needs, upcoming projects, innovative prospects, and ways in which we can assist you.

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