Client Testimonials

Client Success Stories: Learn How FEAmax LLC’s Engineering and Manufacturing Expertise Consistently Delivers Exceptional Results and Exceeds Client Expectations.

Client Testimonials

Hear from Our Clients: Real Stories of Success with FEAmax LLC’s Expert Engineering Services.

Well done! I expected these results and needed your analysis to prove. Thanks for a quick turn around with great reporting. We will definitely be using y’all more in the future.

My favorite day of the year…. Thanks for your contribution to our mutual success!


Bob Hagler, President at Hagler Systems

Greetings Frank,

This is amazing, the correlation between your study and the failures we observed is very close.

I would suggest we run an analysis of the Standard Blade with Average Profile using exactly the same settings and assumptions, hopefully that blade WILL NOT FAIL under same conditions, which would validate our results.
This is great.

Best Regards,


Serge Krakowiak, Development Engineer

Thank you for your FEA efforts.  Results have driven our design in the right direction.  Please update and resend your final report, including the corrected expected pull-out force of a sliding tray (2x from your assumption to model ½ tray).

This will complete our current analysis efforts, moving forward with product launch.  With receipt of 1st Article production, we will validate FEA values via testing, and share results for comparison with predictions.

Sincere regards,

Joe Livingston, Vice President of Engineering

Good evening Frank,

I think we will be good to go with the report you supplied. Thanks again for the great service.

If you have any engineering services that could help us regarding mining technologies, wear resistant materials, flow processing of similar media, Separators, filtering, screening, classifying systems using Cyclones, fluid beds, pan filters etc. please send us any information you may have that could be interesting to our business activities.


DOMINIC BERGERON, President & General Manager

The Analysis that FEAmax provided was completed on time, very thorough and helped me greatly reduce the design variables relating to a new product development.


Mark A. Bendit, Product Development Engineer

The report looked great and I really appreciate getting it back so soon. Your services are to be commended. If we are ever in need of additional assistance on another job, we will definitely keep you in mind.

Thank you again for your assistance and please feel free to follow up with me if you don’t get a response on your invoice in a reasonable amount of time and I will try see what is happening.


Charlotte Erickson, Engineering Department

Thank you very much, the report is good and what we expected.
Thank you Frank, we appreciate and sorry not to come back earlier, I hope you will have time to modify few points on the report during this long week end. Thank you too for the business and I am sure that we come back to you again if we need further calculations.


Thierry Bertrand, President

Thank you, Frank – I think this covers everything I need, and your turn-around time was fantastic. If I have any questions, I’ll be in touch.


Orin Lenz, Product Engineer, Lighting R&D

We were notified that the Litigation case in this matter was settled last night in “favor” of our Client.
Our Client was very happy with our performance, engineering and expert services.
Please send me a final revised invoice of work based on work done to date.
I wish to thank you and your team for all your efforts in this case under very tight legal deadlines.
We will continue to use FEAmax on future FEA analysis.


Orlando E. Ballate, P.E., Executive V.P., Forensics- Claims Division

Hi Frank,

This is a high quality FEA. Thanks for the hard work and quick turnaround.
Can you please let us know what the final angle of contact is on the upper plate while under stress? I would like to compare this to our observations.



Aaron Zuehlke, Project Manager

I wanted to say thanks again for helping us on this. The report we received from you was excellent. We should have more of these to do on different jobs we have in house that you will be seeing soon. Thanks again.


Fred Bohn, Estimator/Sales Service

Hi Frank,

The report looks very good – no issues.

Thanks very much,


Mike Blaska

Thank you Frank. I wish everybody on earth was as easy to work with as you are 🙂


Ken West, President / CEO

Thank you, you did a great job.  Unfortunately, the case is not moving forward.  I would recommend you to anyone.


Michael A. Masini, M.D., President / CEO

Thank you for your excellent work.
Please send an invoice for the work you have done. At this time we will not be doing any more testing. —
Best Regards,


Paul Sozzi

Hi Frank,

Thanks for the report, it is well organized and easy to read.

We have another application, Caleb will send you the details.

Best Regards,


Carlos Hoefken, CTO

Great, glad to hear it! We were very please with the parts. You’re a good guy to know! Really bailed me out…


Michael Gallagher, Director of Engineering

Frank.  You and FEA Max have been great partners to work with.

The samples just showed up and they look great!  the detail is fantastic.  They will go over well with our customers.

Thanks again.


Allen Chasey, Director of Innovation

Thank you Frank, appreciate your insight and I’ll definitely keep you in mind for future work.


Pete Imbrogno

You’ve been a pleasure to work with and we will certainly keep you in mind next time we have a design project.


Douglas Kern, Director of Sales and Marketing

Good Morning Dr. Wang,
The Report is perfect and everything I needed. Thank you very much for your help on this project!!
Best Regards,


Chris Ingstrum

Thanks for this explanation and I can see the differences when looking at the images you shared. I appreciate the clarification and that’s all I needed for now!


Tyler Burger, Manager, Engineering

Hello Frank,
The customer was very pleased with your work and thorough report.

Would you be able to send the ANSYS file that you used to run this?  They have ANSYS at their plant in Germany and want to evaluate a small change to the part.


Tyler Yonker

I just reviewed the FEA results.  This was super helpful and I really appreciate the quick turnaround!


Bailey Denton

I spoke to Eric, and we are satisfied with the models and drawings provided. Please send in your invoice per purchasing’s instructions. We have a few more magazines that we would like to have reverse-engineered. We will reach out in the coming weeks to get them quoted.


John McCall, Product Engineering

This is great news and great work. Thank you for the urgency completing this work. Each time we sell one of these brake systems, I will come to you for analysis… keep these filed away.


Craig W. Dick, President

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