CFD Steady Flow Analysis on Air Tube

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In environments where external particulates, such as plant debris and dust, can compromise the integrity or clarity of sensitive surfaces, maintaining a protective air barrier becomes crucial. One such application is seen around windows, which, given their function, require both protection and unobstructed visibility. Addressing this challenge, we delve into a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) steady flow analysis on an air tube model explicitly designed to safeguard windows.


Our analytical journey seeks to meticulously dissect the airflow dynamics within this model. A primary objective is to determine critical parameters such as pressure, velocity, and streamline patterns. However, beyond the sheer metrics, lies the core goal: achieving a consistent or uniform positive pressure distribution around the window. This positive pressure acts as an invisible shield, deflecting any external contaminants and ensuring that the window remains clean and functional.


In essence, this endeavor is not just about understanding flow behaviors within a system. It’s about harnessing that understanding to create an environment where the window can function optimally, free from the interference of external debris and dust, ensuring longevity and optimal visibility.


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